Thursday, 22 February 2018

HÖNNOR SS - EP - 7“ EP flexi + patch /30.

HÖNNOR SS - EP - 7“ EP flexi + patch /30.
30 copies only with patch - grab a copy here - -
Here next week,new recordings from d-beat / rå-punk masters from Sweden. Circle flexi EP - punk format. 300 copies only pressed, the first 30 Mailorder orders with screenprinted logo patch. All 300 copies are hand-numbered. If you like Anti-Cimex, Crude SS, Asocial you can't miss this great release! - 3 NEW SONGS RECORDED IN STUDIO D-tact under the control of mighty Jane Jutila. For fans of dirty käng this is a must!

Friday, 16 February 2018

SKITKLASS - Ruler Of The Fucking Arsehole - 7" Japan

SKITKLASS - Ruler Of The Fucking Arsehole - 7" Japan
Pre-order, here mid April - regular and show only sleeves available - here -
Skit punk at it's best Fast, Raw, Loud crack your brain up - total skit raw hardcore attack from darkest hell, ferocious instant sounds for fans of Skitslickers, Absurd, Disarm and total D-masters - 4 track EP.

CENTiPEDe - Bystander - 7" Japan.

CENTiPEDe - Bystander - 7" Japan.
Pre-order, here mid April - regular and show only sleeves available here
A brilliant live act according to Nori Pogo77, besides 70s80spunk, their music incorporates the humor and idea of ​​the good old popular punk songs which Centipede capture so well wrapped around with Japanese melodies. 
A - 1. Bystander 
B - 1. UWS (rumors) 
B - 2. Boredom

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Hirax ‎– El Rostro De La Muerte - LP pic disc + 7" blue vinyl.

Hirax ‎– El Rostro De La Muerte - LP pic disc + 7" blue vinyl.
LONG DELETED PIC DISC LP with blue vinyl 7" from 2010
HIRAX is an American thrash metal band beginning in 1984 under the leadership of vocalist Katon W. De Pena (founding member). The band was an early example of the thrash metal, speed metal and crossover. HIRAX is based in Los Angeles but, at that time, because of the weak metal scene in their area, they spent most of their time playing in San Francisco along with Slayer, Metallica, and Exodus, who were all part of the exciting new metal emerging from the Bay area. They released a four-song demo in 1984. This demo was widely circulated and the band became known and respected worldwide through the metal tape trading underground. Since then HIRAX has released 5 full length studio albums and multiple EPs and has toured the world including many festivals in South America, Europe, Japan, Scandinavia, UK and the U.S.A.

A1 Baptized By Fire 
A2 Eradicate Mankind 
A3 Chaos And Brutality 
A4 El Rostro De La Muerte (The Face Of Death) 
A5 Blind Faith 
A6 Horrified 
B1 Battle Of The North 
B2 Death Militia 
B3 Broken Neck 
B4 Violent Assault 
B5 Cuando Cae La Oscuridad (When Darkness Falls) 
B6 Satan's Fall 
C1 Flesh And Blood 
D2 The Laws Of Temptation

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Fractured - Recognized By Failure - 7" colour vinyl + patch.

Fractured - Recognized By Failure - 7" colour vinyl + patch.
In stock - random colour patches - indulge your up-most desires here - -
New 7" on colour wax from Bob and the boys - eleven songs of fast hardcore, depression, and abuse. Bob of Infest, Low Threat Profile, Exit Unit and To The Point also your Deep Six Records main man on drums, Kevin of Lack of Interest, Hans of False Negative. For fans of No Comment and Despise You. Limited wax of 500 only.
Colour marbled vinyl with Fractured patch.
Just Can't Have One.
12 Over 6.
Schoolyard Mentality.
No Spark Left.
Cannot Forgive.
Stack The Deck.
Perfect World.

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Lack Of Interest/Siege/M.I.T.B/Bastard Noise - LP's Deep Six sale.

Lack Of Interest/Siege/M.I.T.B/Bastard Noise - LP's Deep Six sale.
Need more space in the new house - all coloured vinyl - grab yourself a piece of history here -
POWER-VIOLENCE HARDCORE/NOISE/ELECTRONIC. This classic split release has been years in the conceptual making. Long time friends BASTARD NOISE and LACK OF INTEREST team for one of the most unforgettable split releases ever! The reminding members of BASTARD NOISE teamed up with the BRUTAL TRUTH/TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION drumer to create their most sinister skull session to date. This split release is full of burning musical hooks, blazing drumming, soaked in nitroglycerin, sick electronics and the most powerful and convincing vocals ever. The split features 4 brand new songs from THE BASTARD NOISE and 9 new songs from LACK OF INTEREST.
LACK OF INTEREST - Trapped Inside.
POWER-VIOLENCE HARDCORE. "trapped inside" was the 1999 debut full-length from Los Angeles' LACK OF INTEREST who took influence from INFEST, NO COMMENT and CROSSED OUT, and carried the torch for the power-violence hardcore scene in the '90s and '00s. Out-of-print for some years - now available again on colored vinyl.
M.I.T.B/BASTARD NOISE - The Lost M.I.T.B. Sessions.
POWER-VIOLENCE/NOISE/ELECTRONIC. MAN IS THE BASTARD teamed up with sinister BASTARD NOISE to create this long, long awaited album of sound and cinematic vision. Carefully orchestrated basses layered to massive perfection, the most progressively brutal and tasteful drumming coupled with ornate, four-part vocal arrangements and drilling, esoteric trogotronic custom "skull electronics" make "the lost m.i.t.b. sessions" one for the record books.
Siege - Drop Dead - 12"- 30th Anniversary Edition- green vinyl.
SIEGE 30TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION...RESTORED DEFINITIVE SOUND...WITH ORIGINAL SESSIONS' OUTTAKES Green Opaque Wax.- - includes all the trax from the previous presses - This edition features the two bonus tracks from the 2006 reissue and the bonus track from the 2009 reissue, making this the most complete version of the release.
Siege was an American hardcore punk band from Weymouth, Massachusetts. They were active in the 1980s Boston hardcore scene from 1983 to 1985, and reunited briefly in the early 1990s.
Siege’s unprecedented level of extreme hardcore punk was some of the fastest and heaviest of its time, incorporating lightning fast tempos, chord changes, vocal delivery, and blast beats into its style, thus setting the stage for the emerging grindcore scene. And though rather short-lived and little-known during their existence, subsequent musicians have cited the group as a profound influence, including the famous British grindcore band Napalm Death and the American powerviolence band Dropdead, whose name was derived from the title of Siege’s demo of the same name.

Fragment/Makabert Fynd/NAPALM RAID/VÄGRA - LP's colour wax.


Fragment/Makabert Fynd/NAPALM RAID/VÄGRA - LP's colour wax.
These are on the way - I will have 3 copies only of each - available here
Fragment ‎– In The Dust - marbled colour vinyl.
Canadian Raw Punk Noize. 9 completely insane and chaotic tracks. New recordings from 2017. This is a co-release with Desolate Records. 100 limited copies on marbled wax.

Makabert Fynd ‎– Systemkollaps - LP red vinyl.
4nd full album! Classic swedish D-Takt HC-Punk NOIZE. Scandinavian Raw Punk the way we love and need it feat. members of Totalitär, Dissekerad, Kakafoni and others.... co-release, again with our friends from Prague, Phobia Records. 400 copies on black wax and limited 100 copies on red wax in full printed cover with full colour insert.

NAPALM RAID - Wheel of War LP - green vinyl.
Green vinyl limited to 100 copies only.
The longest output and the heaviest best material by Canada's NAPALM RAID. Originally hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia, the band is now spread out across the country. Balancing more influences than ever before, Rust and Machine is proud to have been working with this band since their beginning, and I am happy to say this is their strongest release, showing progression in style. Over time Napalm Raid has become the premier crust band of Canada, with multiple tours over the years taking them all over the world including Europe, Canada, USA, Mexico, Colombia and Brazil. Ending track is a revisit to their live hit "Dead Cities" which originally appeared on their debut 7" "Corruption of their little minds"

VÄGRA - Demonstration 2016 LP - marble vinyl.
Insane straight-in-your-face Hardcore-Punk Attack outta Florida/US. 8 furious D-Takt Raw Noize tunes, Scandinavian influenced. This is the European version of their brilliant 2016 demo tape. Only 200 copies on black wax and limited 100 copies on marbled wax in full inside/out printed cover.